Tuesday, April 3, 2007

"Entertaining with Kathi" Food Column ~ The Christmas Story 2006

A Christmas Story
By Kathi Dameron

"Wake-up Sleep Head! Rise and shine!" I pulled the covers over my head to silence the accented voice that appeared intent on interrupting my sleep.

"Go away!" I tried to say but the words wouldn't come.

The soft and lyrical voice of the intruder began to sing a sweet and tender melody. The words were foreign, yet intriguing all the same.

"Had my alarm clock sprung to life?" I wondered.

I peeked out from under the covers and what did I see?

Wiping the sleep dust from my eyes, I wondered, "Oh my, how can this be?"

A golden-haired lassie, with a wreath of four iridescent candles upon her head had swept into my room, with a fragrant basket of cardamom-laced muffins...

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