Monday, September 29, 2008

Thank You Tallahassee Florida!!

Catering is my passion!

I just want to thank all of you who nudged me back into the kitchen.

Catering is a very demanding profession, especially in a city like Tallahassee with the capitol, three colleges and a thriving business community, that keep a caterer running from breakfast to dinner with van loads of fragrant foods down Tallahassee's beautiful canopy roads.

The demands placed on a caterer can become all-encompassing. At least that was my experience as the owner of my own Tallahassee Florida catering company.

Many of you know that I took a sabbatical of sorts for a brief period of time.

This break from the hectic pace that had been my life as a caterer was perhaps one of the smartest moves I've ever made.

Last year I returned to the profession that I love and the extraordinary thing that I have discovered is that my love affair with catering continues to grow daily, like a beautiful and healthy plant that has been rooted in rich soil.

I've always said that when I cease loving what I'm doing, I will stop and find a new passion.

My passion today for catering far surpasses the passion that once fueled this catering career.

Life is certainly full of mysteries. But one thing I know... we must trust that inner whisper, that whisper that is yours alone. For when we follow the call of the heart and trust in its authenticity, we can be assured that we are indeed living out the life that we were created to live.

For me that life, at least for the present season is to once again be a caterer, to once again pour my heart and soul into Tallahassee area catered functions.

I thank you for your love and support and I ask you to support me in this exciting new catering journey by visiting my catering website where I've poured my creative energy into posting menus, prices and lots of cool information.

Canopy Rose Catering New Website

If you've followed the Entertaining With Kathi newspaper column... THANK YOU!

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