Monday, June 18, 2012

Chef Kathi Serves A Frozen Blessing On A Sizzling June Day

This meal was a frozen blessing that had been carefully stowed away in my home freezer since December.

Originally cooked up for a small dinner party, I opted to double the recipe so that I could freeze a second casserole for another meal. I like to do that sometimes. It just makes good sense to have tasty things on hand for times when we are either too busy or just too tired to cook.

I wish I could tell you exactly how I made this, but you know, I've slept since then. Basically it is a moussaka with beef and bechemel sauce, but instead of having the traditional eggplant, it has sliced potatoes. When I prepared it I used the potato, because I was trying to use up half of a bushel of potatoes and I didn't have any eggplant. Bill loved it, but then he would rather have potatoes any day over eggplant. Give me the aubergine and just blame it all on my insatiable desire for all things Mediterranean.

So this was lunch today, a fabulous frozen blessing, with or without the eggplant. ~ Chef Kathi

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