Monday, June 18, 2012

Dear Readers,
I know it seems like forever since I've written my column, and even longer since I posted any of my columns on this blog.

After five wonderful, spirit-filled years of writing the "Entertaining with Kathi" newspaper column, the "five year mark" just felt like a good stopping point.

It's been almost a year since you've seen my column in the paper.

When I jaunt to town, I often run into readers who inquire as to why they have not seen my columns and share how much they enjoyed reading my writing.

Writing is a mysterious thing you know. There is almost a sacredness, and certainly a fine art to spinning sentences. Some days, most especially these last 9 months, the ease of prose has been elusive.

A question begs to be asked.

Is this elusiveness simply a consequence of failing to show up with pen and paper in hand, ready and willing to capture the message that a divine force would joyfully channel through my pen?

Discipline! It all boils down to the discipline of showing up.

Showing up, ready and willing to write is the discipline of any successful writer.

Well, HALLELUJAH, I kept the discipline for five years, churning out my quirky food and entertaining columns every other week.

Deep, deep within I secretly yearned for so much more. I really did.

Was I foolish to think that my articles were so good that they could be turned into a bestselling book, a movie, a sit-com, and much more?

Is there unfinished business? Good question!

At this moment, I don't know where the whole "Entertaining with Kathi" show is headed.

What I do know is that I need a place for sharing my passion for entertaining, beyond my company website.

Some of this passion has found a home on Pinterest, something that I coincidentally joined around the same time I stopped writing the newspaper column.

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